Today I want to tell you something that is very important and I’m really energetic and enthusiastic about it. Because I think a lot of people are making an error, I think people are making an error, parents are making errors, families are making errors. The the race in life has damn near stopped, it is stopped to give people an opportunity to catch up and close the gap for some people.


For some people the gap is going to lessen and for some the gap is getting wider and wider. You got an opportunity today to fast forward and speed up, I will understand that there are people who are in the space of athletics and the seasons have stopped and they can’t have a championship games and the practice so what can you do to help yourself?

You can wake up in the morning, go outside and run. you can squat, push up, and sit up until you feel like you’re going dead every day and come out of this thing and be better than everybody else.

Don’t make a mistake. There are free courses on, there are free courses on There’re free courses on There’re free courses on that are 100% free!…

You are talking about how you can’t afford to get educated. You can, the courses are free. And you’re not taking the courses you allow your kids to sit down and play video games all day long.

Netflix got their money. Hulu got their money. Disney Plus got their money. If you’re sitting down watching, Hulu and Disney and all that stuff, you are foolish, you are absolutely foolish.


You have got ten fingers. Most of you have ten available. You have a laptop in your house, sit down and write your book. There’s a preference, there’s an introduction, chapter 12345 and a close. Just get it done and Put it on Kindle.


If you don’t know how to get your book done and put it on Kindle. Just visit coach Arlo and I will tell you exactly how to put your book on Kindle. If you want to write a book, stop wasting your time and get to it. We are here to tell you how to do it.

This is the time that you can catch up. I got three books in the queue right now,

#1 is called the “Autopsy of Marriage”,

#2 is the is “Getting Unstuck Blueprint” and

#3 I’m writing with coach Arlo about” How to become the VIP of your life.”

Edited one of them last night till 1 o’clock in the morning, then sitting down to work for my webinar for judo, then trying to construct my emails for next week so I can give you something free every day Next week. I want to give you all something free during the whole time for people in the martial arts industry. Why? One might ask! Because you don’t sell your way out of this, you give your way out of it.


You all are wasting your time. you should have read 3 books a week If you are sitting down and letting your children play games all day, you’re missing the boat!


Get on the schedule. Get up in the morning at 6, Take an hour walk, take a shower after it, sit down, eat some breakfast together after you eat breakfast together. Whatever homework you gotta do that’s online for school from eight to nine to ten to eleven, in 4 hours that should be done, 12 o’clock play some games play some chess.


If you don’t know how to play chess get on and find out how to play chess for free. If you’re not doing good in math, go to Khan Academy. If you want to pay a little money, go to and pay a little money but stop wasting your time.


There’re free courses on how to invest in the stock market. The stock market is going to come back sooner or later, Go to and take the course.


If you’re interested in judo or mixed martial arts or any of that stuff. I got free course on, you can type in my name. RHADI got free course, You take that free course today.


If you want to know a free course that we have, just call us for free on and I will I will tell you that we got like five or six free courses for you.

You can go to our Facebook group Switch On nation, jump in and join the group on Facebook.

Ask a question What free courses do you have that can help me, with my health and wellness. Some of you all are going to come out on this other side and 5-, 7-, 15-, or 20-pounds overweight.

Because you’re emotionally eating or you’re depressed. Depression is real, I’ve been depressed before too.


You could be depressed and work. you could be depressed and I feel like you want to work, I have been there. You could be depressed and falling on the floor and cry. I’ve been

there too. You could be depressed falling on the floor and cry get up and still doesn’t work. Depression is real. You’ll be depressed for 24 or 48 hours for whole days.


I understand, I’ve been depressed and I have been there when i didn’t think it can happen to me. Depression will knock you down like a wave, however. You gotta make a choice when you’re depressed, you have to make a choice.


People with depression make a choice every day, God bless them. They make a choice to get up and move on, or they make the other choice that you don’t want to talk about.

I’m trying to talk to those who are on the edge who just need a small push in the right direction. Get up man. Get up and move.

I’m one of those Christians that can give you some scripture and I can cuss in the same sentence.


That’s what I do. The issue right now that most of us are having or God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that you ask, and your asking and your thinking is so low you’re being given what you’re thinking about.


If you are asking and you are thinking higher, then you’ll be able to exceed that level of abundance based upon what you ask or think, you can’t think about anything if you’re not putting anything in your head to think about!


How are you going to think about running a business and you won’t take the free course on about running a business?

Everybody says, oh, this is a good time to get my own stuff started. Is it really a good time to get your own stuff started?
The good time to get your stuff started was yesterday.

And still how ill you do it You can’t just sit down and start!


Do you need some help? Go get the books on Amazon and order the books, read, Listen to podcasts. Do it. Do it now and stop letting your children sit in front of that idiot box.


Make your children earn their cellphone time. No book written? No book Read? No conversation about the book or What You Read? Then tell them to not Worry about The phone.


You are going to tik tok and Instagram yourself right in the in the homelessness?


Put that phone down and get on that laptop and get on some courses, get the books open, read and catch up.


If you are where you were when this thing started, you are behind. You need every day, you should be advancing every day in some level and moving forward.


If You need some help, visit and we will be there for you.


Visit get the Book and learn How To Stop Feeling Guilty For Putting Yourself First!.


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