After competing in the Olympics in 2004 I was depressed.

I went from feeling like I was on the top of the world to feeling like I was useless.

I wasn’t motivated. I wasn’t training super hard. And I wasn’t making a whole lot of money.

I remember doing my taxes one year and I made $6000.

I can recall sitting on the couch and crying.

I really wanted to leverage all of my skills and talents that I developed from my competitive years and start making some money. But I didn’t know what to do. I had just gotten out of a bad business relationship where I lost EVERYTHING. I was in business with a person who was way more savvy at business than I was and I got monkey stomped. I lost everything. It was here when I found myself in a situation where I called one of my coaches because I was looking for some consolation.
I called my Jiujitsu coach at the time, Lloyd Irvin. And he listened to me. I was complaining, crying and whining. And he said, “Man, shut the f*ck up! Grab your camera, go into your backyard, make a product and get it up and have it ready to sell. You have 72 hours.

You can b*tch and complain or you can get your money. But don’t tell me about the labor pains, show me the baby.”

I was f*cking pissed.

I wanted to say, “Hey man, I’m pouring out my heart and soul here and I need for you to listen to me and tell me it’s going to be okay. And you are stomping on my nuts!!”

I really did NOT like what he said to AND I really didn’t like the way that he said it.



First and foremost, I did exactly what Lloyd said that day. And I went into my backyard and created 1 product and then sold it. And when I was done he said, “Now rinse, wash and repeat.” And I made another. And another and another. And another. And another. And another…. .(you get the point).
And before I knew it. I had made $250,000 in a year.

Now, had I gotten super involved in how he said what he said INSTEAD of what he said, I would not be able to write this email now.

And, yes, I’ve had some great years in business and I’ve had some bad ones but here’s what I do know.

The GOOD ONES were good because of good coaching. And the bad ones were bad because of NO coaching.

Many of you REFUSE to the following:

1. Act on advice immediately
2. Disregard the messenger and focus on the f*cking message
3. Commit to success so much that all other things become irrelevant and I can understand that.

The biggest problem that I have in my businesses as a Coach and Consultant is that people want to tell me how they want to be coached.

I really don’t.

I don’t give a f*ck how you want to be coached. If you feel like you can find a better coach then go find them. I want people who move fast, who comply and who want to win.

So if you don’t want to MOVE FAST, COMPLY WITH INSTRUCTION and WIN, then please shut this post down, unsubscribe from my lists, block me on social media and lets allow bygones to be bygones.

But, if you are willing to move fast, comply with instructions and win then LET’S GO TO WORK!!

Hell, I don’t like being talked to be either.

I really don’t.

But I do know this.

When I come to somebody with a problem that I’m having… .ALL THE SH!T THAT I’VE BEEN DOING has created the problem that I have. And if I don’t do something different, then I will have the same f*cking problem.

So, if you are one of those people who doesn’t understand how to find the sugar within the shit, then I can understand where you are. I’ve been there too. And nobody can move you if you are not ready to be moved and moving is uncomfortable.

But if you are ready to be moved then let me tell you this….

My business partner, Coach Arlo Henderson, and I are having an online seminar called The PowerUp Summit. We are holding it for a select group of people who are ready to change their lives and “move” from their current situation into a new one.

If you have it all figured out and don’t need any help, I understand.
If you don’t and you would like to join us virtually on May 2nd, then please click here.
If you cannot make it on the 2nd of May, I would highly encourage you to sign up anyway so that you can get the recordings of the event.

Take care and a great day.
Dedicated to your improvement,
Dr. Rhadi Ferguson
P.S. We only have a few spots for this virtual seminar. We want to keep it small
so that we can give those in attendance the attention that they desire and need.
You can register for THE POWERUP SUMMIT here


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