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Make Your Judo Coaching Remarkable With These Things

What is coaching? Coaching, simply, is the art of taking you from “here” to “there” while succinctly and CLEARLY understanding where your “here” is and what it will take for you to get to the “there” of your choosing. In the video below I open up and discuss how to create a strategic framework for […]

The Difficulties Of Coaching: We Don’t Serve Breast Milk Here!

During my coaching relationship with clients I often have to say the phrase, “We Don’t Serve Breast Milk Here!” And I usually have to say that before or after tough conversation where I explain that it is not my job to coddle you, console you or to provide you with a shoulder to cry on. […]

3 Simple Things That You Can Do To Improve Your Judo Overnight

If you are interested in becoming a better judo player, coach or parent then here are some quick and important tips of how you can improve virtually overnight. Enjoy and please visit www.JudoScoutingReports.com Dedicated to Your Improvement, Dr. Rhadi Ferguson 2004 Olympian www.DrRhadiFerguson.com

Let’s Take A Look At Post Olympic Stress Syndrome In Olympic Athletes

People expect things to be tough for the athletes – the men and women who’ve sacrificed EVERYTHING in their pursuit of victory. There are so many of them, and so few medals to go around. Post Olympics,  athletes DO have it rough, probably rougher than anyone can ever know. But at least they have the […]

How To Reach The Highest Levels Of Excellence

During this Olympics I am getting more questions than ever about the Olympics, Olympism and achievement. One of the questions that I received was the following: “How do leaders in their fields, such as judo, stay sharp and maintain their competitive edge and realize their goals and dreams?” MY ANSWER: Here’s what I know. Before […]

If You Want To Be The Best You Must Do The Reps

“There are no ifs, ands or buts about it. If you want to be the best, you MUST do the reps!” – Dr. Rhadi Ferguson There’s no way around the mind numbing reps that have to be done. NONE. To think that you can somehow shortcut this natural law of the universe as it relates […]

How To Becoming A Better Salesperson Will Help You Become A Better Coach

One of my core competencies in the Judo world and in the coaching realm is my ability to control the match from the chair.  I, like many other great coaches, are able to control the flow and utilize the art and science of persuasion in the most subtlest of ways. Coaching is Selling – PERIOD! […]

The Olympics And The Struggle For Olympic Athletes And Olympic Hopefuls

The Struggle Is Real….. The Olympics are rolling around again and I have to admit that this time of year is very difficult for me.  And I’m sure it difficult for others too. So here’s what I have for today…… To all the Olympians and most specifically the US Olympians who will enter into the […]