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What’s New And High Level Basics

Greetings: This morning is off to a great start. I’m really trying to get the 4th quarter of my year organized. I have many seminars, coaching programs and videos to shoot as well as marketing campaigns for all of these things while finding time for my reading, personal development and writing 3 more books in […]

Attention Athletes! The Wrong Relationships Can Mess You Up Just Right

Greetings: I’ve been coaching for a long time and I have seen many variables that can influence the outcome of ones success or lack thereof, but the one thing that is constant is this….. THE WRONG RELATIONSHIP CAN MESS YOU UP JUST RIGHT!!!! Are you an athlete with a hunger for fame, success, and glory? […]

I Did Not Think It Was Going To Be This Hard :-(

Greetings: I hope you are having a wonderful day. I, quite honestly, am having a rough time and I’m not sure why. One of my judo students had her last practice in the dojo last night before leaving for college today.  She’s headed off to school on a wrestling scholarship and I couldn’t be more […]

Me, You, and Colin Kaepernick…. and OUR new project

Welp…. I’m sure you know that everybody is up in arms right now about the proper decorum and behavior that one should don when the national anthem is played. Recently, Colin Kaepernick, a biracial player on the San Frisco 49ers American Football team decided that he will kneel during the National Anthem instead of stand. […]

Big Announcement and Quick Favor

Yes!!!! I’m back in the lab and I”m cooking up some good stuff for you! Look…. The Olympics are magical and they have the power to change lives. I’ve seen it! And I know you’ve felt it. I remember watching the Olympic Games in 1996 at home and seeing Jimmy Pedro win the Bronze Medal […]

Make Your Judo Coaching Remarkable With These Things

What is coaching? Coaching, simply, is the art of taking you from “here” to “there” while succinctly and CLEARLY understanding where your “here” is and what it will take for you to get to the “there” of your choosing. In the video below I open up and discuss how to create a strategic framework for […]