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Marvelous Monday // The Legacy That You Leave Behind And Push Forward

Greetings: I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I know I did. When I was younger, I wanted to win and accomplish things so that I could live a lavish life. As I got older, I was more concerned about leaving a legacy. Now, my life is dedicated to how much I can give.  When […]

Marvelous Monday // How To Invest In Your Happiness

Greetings: I hope you have another wonderful weekend. Mine was AMAZING!!  Absolutely amazing.  I was in Miami for Miami Carnival. It’s a Caribbean festival which celebrate Caribbean culture, music and life. It’s always an amazing experience and it’s something that I utilize to allow me to calibrate my life so that I can pay attention […]

Tatami Tuesday // How To Build A Judo Game Regardless Of The Rule Changes

Greetings: Welcome to the first edition of #TatamiTuesday which is brought to you by Newaza Excellence.  Newaza Excellence is the best FREE online learning resource where you can actually get quality and cool instructional lessons which can be done with or without a partner.  Please visit www.NewazaExcellence.com and get your free lessons today. In today’s […]

Marvelous Monday // What Are The Little Things That You Are Getting Wrong?

Greetings: I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I did, for sure.  A tiring one. A long one.  But a great one. For today’s Marvelous Monday issuance I want to share something with you before I get into today’s topic. On Tuesday’s I will start a new segment called Tatami Tuesday. #TatamiTuesday will cover all […]

What’s New And High Level Basics

Greetings: This morning is off to a great start. I’m really trying to get the 4th quarter of my year organized. I have many seminars, coaching programs and videos to shoot as well as marketing campaigns for all of these things while finding time for my reading, personal development and writing 3 more books in […]