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Strength In Your Weakness

I want to talk to you about something today. I want to talk to you about getting hurt and what we call injuries. If you’ve ever been to the mountain top and you heard the roar of the crowd, if you heard the roar of the jet engine as you started your trip back home, […]

Gratitude Challenge Day 21 : You

On this last day of my gratitude exercise I would like to thank you. Yes, you. I’m super thankful to all of you all who have read my emails, blog posts, watched my videos and purchased some of my products. I’m also thankful to those of you who reached out and provided me with an […]

Gratitude Challenge Day 20 : Music

I love music. Just love it. I listen to all of, except Death Metal. Josh Barnett introduced me to it one year and honestly I gave it a shot but I just couldn’t get with it. But I do love music. My favorite genres of music come out of the Caribbean. I love Soca, Zouk, Dancehall, […]

Gratitude Challenge Day 19 : Chess

I love the game of chess. I wish I had more time to play. As a matter of fact, I’m playing now with the kids in my summer camp. See –> https://www.instagram.com/p/By52orWJR2m Chess allows you to understand strategy, movement, patience, inside control, emotional regulation and understanding that every game contains the elements of an opening and a […]

Gratitude Challenge Day 18 : Glasses

I wear glasses. Sometimes contacts but… mostly glasses. Now… I have two pair. One that I wear and the other that I keep on my head or on my shirt so that I can read stuff up close. It’s quite an irritating process but when you get older, you have but a few options. I exercise […]

Gratitude Challenge Day 17 : Fatherhood

Being a father is my highest calling and one that I don’t take lightly. It is an experience and an honor. I thank God for allowing my dad, Rufus Ferguson, to serve as an exemplar in this space and I am grateful to be able to celebrate with him today. I am also thankful of […]

Gratitude Challenge Day 16 : Injuries

If you’ve been to the mountain top. If you’ve heard the roar of the crowd. If you’ve heard the roar of the jet engine as you started your trip back home (and quite honestly, one roar is like dope and the other very sobering) If you’ve ever tilted the seat back, ordered a cocktail, started […]

Gratitude Challenge Day 15 : Stepping On The Line

If you’ve never competed you don’t FULLY understand stepping on the line. (And there are levels to “line stepping.”) There is something that gets developed and built when you step on the line. Most people who live a life of not stepping the line don’t understand what stepping on the line is like. And thus they […]

Gratitude Challenge Day 14 : Today

Last year I was having a conversation with my friend Azizi and I said something negative on the phone and she stopped me and said, “That’s the wrong confession! You need to change that.” And I immediately checked what I said, and spoke something differently. What many of us don’t realize is that the things […]

Gratitude Challenge Day 13 : Admitting & Confessing

I’m not Catholic, but I’m not going to let that minor issue stop me, I’m gonna confess anyway. So, here it goes. (deep breath, followed by and uncomfortable gulp) :-/ I’m……a……..JUNKIE! That’s right. I’m a Junkie. I’m an addict and I have been one for years now. During Memorial Day this past May, I backslid […]