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Here’s How I Made $250k In One Year…

After competing in the Olympics in 2004 I was depressed. I went from feeling like I was on the top of the world to feeling like I was useless. I wasn’t motivated. I wasn’t training super hard. And I wasn’t making a whole lot of money. I remember doing my taxes one year and I […]

Coffee With Rhadi | What I Learned From UFC 261 | The Element Of Surprise

I want to tell you that on the on the second of May. This year, I’m having the second annual power of summit with my business partner and the cohost of the Summit coach, Arlo Henderson, this year’s Summit is going to be absolutely fantastic. This is our second annual summit, we had to have […]

Coffee With Rhadi | How To Reclaim Your Time | Take Charge Of Your Life

No matter what you doing this morning, if you’re getting ready to workout, if you just got your workout in, if you’re just having your coffee, have you a second cup of coffee, like me, or if you are up and getting the kids out of the house, and ready for school, or if you’re […]

Coffee With Rhadi | Friction Points And The Incredible Hulk

There are some rough coaching moments in the preparation process for an athlete, especially when you move through different sports. I was in my dojo last week my daughter was training, getting ready for the tournament season in July, she was doing round after round after round and she began to get distressed. She got […]

Coffee With Rhadi | Personal and Internal Friction Points

So here’s what I want to talk about today. There is a constant battle that happens internally with us, in the spiritual sense. it’s a battle between your flesh side and your spiritual side. If we look at Freudian psychology, it’s a constant battle of the ID and the super ego, which is balanced out […]

Coffee With Rhadi | Friction Points In Intimate Relationships | Part 3

Let me let me start off by saying that we had the first two days of friction points, where we talked about what friction points are, how they happen, we talked about the difference between a friction point and a hurdle, a friction point and a wall and a friction point, basically a decision tree. […]

Coffee With Rhadi | Friction Points Part 2 | Friction Points In Friendships

I spoke yesterday about friction points, what friction points are and we discussed the switchOn coaching process. We discussed the difference between a friction point and a hurdle, a friction point in a wall and we discussed a friction point in just difficult times plus I also cautioned you about dealing with people who have […]

Coffee With Rhadi | Friction Points | Honoring The Tough Spots In Life

Today I want to talk about Friction Points. It is something we have in our processes in SwitchOn, the one thing about the friction point process is that a lot of people mistake a friction point for a hurdle, they mistake a friction point for a roadblock and in today’s cancel culture, they mistake a […]

Coffee With Rhadi | Just Look In The Lost And Found Box

I want to tell you a small story today. I remember when I was in sixth grade, Rubik’s cubes were really big at the time. Those multicolored cubes attracted a lot of young kids those days, You have to make all the colors match in a cube form. I lost my Rubik’s Cube, couldn’t find […]